Oceanside Resort Activities

Exciting Activities await you at Oceanside Resort! 

Oceanside Resort's waterfront is home to an abundance of shellfish and tidal life. If you wish to enjoy shellfish during you stay please be sure to attain a Fisheries Licence and check to ensure it is safe to eat the shellfish at the time of your stay.

We also ask that you return the empty shells to the beach after your feast, as the shells are an important part of maintaining the life cycle of shellfish for years to come.

*All shellfish must be cooked in our Outdoor Kitchen*

Oceanside Resort Pool
Splash around in our indoor pool
Oceanside Resort Tidal Pools
Explore the beach and pools
Oceanside Resort play area
We have a large children's play area

You will never be bored at Oceanside!

We like to think of ourselves as a park as well as a resort. Not only can you explore the beach at our doorstep, you can relax with a good book, or entertain yourself with our amenities.

Enjoy our large children's play area or the brand new Outdoor Kitchen with BBQ.

Oceanside Resort BBQ
Enjoy our Outdoor Kitchen
Oceanside Park Storm watching
Storm Watching